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4 Ways to Decrease Your Stress during College App Season

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Applying to college can be an overwhelming and exhausting time. But it doesn't have to be. Here are 4 tips to help you and your family manage the stress.

1). Read Frank Bruni's book: "Where You Go Is Not Who You Are." The title says it all. Where you go to college does not determine who you will be. Going to a highly selective college does not guarantee success or happiness. There are thousands of wonderful colleges in the US; don't just focus on the ones that everyone at school is applying to.

2). Strive to identify and apply to a few safeties that you would be happy attending. This is really the key. If you can picture yourself at a few safety schools--schools that you are quite certain will admit you--you can rest easy and just see what happens.

3). Make a plan early. Figure out what needs to be done by when. MGSed can help with this and make a plan that's customized to you and your life.

4) Remember to do YOU. Find out who you are. Find the colleges that would fit best with the path you want to follow. Ignore the noise out there. Ignore the aunts and uncles who tell you where they think you should go. Some teens choose to keep where they're applying to themselves and their family; their family should honor this decision and refrain from sharing.

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